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Dropkick Studio is a digital agency based in Montreal. We help you transform your initial idea into an ideal digital solution that combines innovation, beauty and efficiency

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Our Mission

The success of your project is also our pride

We develop customized websites and mobile applications. We distinguish ourselves by our attention to details and our dedication to seeing our customers succeed. In order to deliver efficient and ergonomic interfaces, we place the user at the center of every decision.


We take the time to evaluate your idea to help you improve it while keeping the same original goals. Then we look for ways to get your product to the market as quickly as possible to get feedback from your users.

Established companies

What motivates you to bring something new to your business? Our goal is to capture the energy and values ​​of your business to build on the foundation of your success. We help you evaluate your goals again and set the direction to achieve them.

Our Projects

Our team is an extension of yours

Our Values

Values ​​that are important to us

Developing web or mobile applications is not enough. At Dropkick Studio, we offer support, listening and quality to create a strong partnership between you and us.


User comes first.


Be exigent.




Be proud.


Trust each others.


Focus on quality.

How we work

Transform your initial idea into a profitable digital solution

We work with two week sprints. At the end of each sprint, we share with you the progress of the project to effectively integrate you into the realisation.

Project timeline template

1. Strategy and Planification

1 - 2 weeks

2. Design

3 - 5 weeks

3. Development

8 - 20 weeks

4. Tests

1 - 2 weeks

5. Maintenance

On going

Strategic direction, Creative design and Technical development.

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